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Empowering others to live in the bright light of health.

Welcome to luminous vitality!

the what and why of nutritional Therapy

Our modern-day bodies are suffering from so many dysfunctions and disorders that they have become the new norm. We can take a pill and make almost any symptom “disappear”, without actually getting to the root causes. Sadly, there is a disconnect between how the food we eat affects the health of our bodies.

Nutritional Therapy is me helping you find what foods nourish your unique body and help bring about natural repair. I will be consulting with you to discover what nutrients are being depleted through your food intake and lifestyle and causing those nutritional stages to be in dysfunction.

Basically, my goal as a Nutritional Therapist is to aid you in eating, pooping and sleeping with a smile!


the bit where i talk about me

I am a wife of 11+ years, mama of 3 children, (have to specify since these days you can be a mom to dogs and cats), a passionate advocate for the right to eat butter and a Certified Nutritional Therapist so that I have the “authority” to tell people to eat butter. I have many more layers but these are some basics. Above all though, I believe in a God who created our bodies in His image and gave these miraculous bodies the ability to heal themselves through the power of nourishing food, thought, & movement.

If you want to learn more about me and nutritional therapy then click the button and let’s get started on a healthier you!


my mission

Empowering others to live in the bright light of health