My name is Jovita, pronounced Ho-VEE-tha, but you can call me Vita. I am a happily married wife of over 11 years. My West Texas husband, (West Texas makes one extra special and therefore needed to be in his description) and I live with our three children in Lubbock, Texas.

All of my children were born with severe food and environmental allergies. We discovered with our firstborn at 6 months, that she was allergic to all kinds of foods when she broke out with a seriously, inflamed head-to-toe case of eczema. We did not want her to have to rely on steroids or other pharmaceuticals to free her of her symptoms. So I was then on a mission to find holistic ways of balancing her body and bring about healing. Through the help of a great chiropractor who did muscle testing we found out what her sensitivities were. After eliminating those from her diet, her body was able to heal from her severe eczema. I just wanted to learn more about nutrition and its connection to health and healing! A couple of years ago I was introduced to healthy fats and what they do for our bodies. It rocked my world! This prompted me to receive an education in nutrition through the Nutritional Therapy Association.

I am now a Certified Nutritional Therapist. This means I have the knowledge and ability to conduct a unique assessment of a person's nutritional deficiencies. I am also trained in the Art of Muscle Testing. This is a physical evaluation that requires skill and art of movement to accurately assess stress in the body. With this complex test along with my Nutritional Therapy training I am able to provide you with an individualized nutritional protocol to help restore balance to your body . 

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